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At Ambassador Private Security, we believe that the top priorities at any site are to ensure public safety, deter, observe, and report any criminal behavior, and protect the interests of the client. Our security officers are drug screened, have background checks, and are given psychological testing. We use professional training videos and on-site training to ensure that each security guard is thoroughly trained, prepared, and comfortable with performing specific requirements and familiar with every site they secure.

Professionalism and courtesy are traits we foster and encourage at Ambassador Private Security, and we hold our guards to the highest of standards.

We specialize in dealing with the following:

· Loss prevention in retail stores
· High end retail stores
· Hotel and high rise security
· Construction and industrial sites
· Private security for commercial and industrial properties

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Uniformed Guards

Our uniformed guard services are the cornerstone of our business. Having experience in many fields, our guards are professionally trained to be proficient and effective at all times, but also helpful and friendly in any atmosphere. We make sure we spend the time needed to send the right person to the right location ensuring complete satisfaction to our clients.

We offer four types of uniforms for our guards:

Class 1: Police type uniform consists of a light blue shirt, dark tie, dark blue trousers and a windbreaker.

Class 2: Blazer uniform consists of a navy blazer, white shirt, striped tie, and grey slacks.

Class 3: London Fog jacket, BDU pants and black boots.

Class 4: Black security t-shirts, BDU pants, black shoes.

All of our guards are provided professional looking belts and shoes to ensure there is no excuse for a sloppy or unprofessional look.

Security Patrol

Ambassador Private Security is pleased to offer patrol services for clients who do not require a standing guard, however need to know that their site is safe around the clock.

Why use Security Patrol instead of a uniformed guard?

Security Patrol is billed by "hit" rather than by hour, making it more cost-effective for a client who simply wants to see that their site is safe at a certain time. We will patrol your area at any intervals you feel is sufficient. Security Patrol is effective to ensure no break-ins, to monitor a site in its entirety and to call the police if necessary.

What can a patrolperson do for your home or business?

The main purpose of utilizing our patrol service is to observe and if need be test all accessible gates, doors, and windows and make sure they are secured, report the conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police and to ensure no unauthorized persons are trespassing on private property. The primary goal of a drive-through security patrol service is to deter property loss and vandalism after business hours.

Security Surveys

Ambassador Private Security is eager to provide Security Surveys for new and existing clients at competitive prices. Upon your request, we will send a management team who are trained and experienced in the operation of uniformed security and loss prevention. We then work hand in hand with clients to custom tailor a security program that fits their needs. We carefully analyze a site as well as specific security goals before proposing a solution.

Prepaid Security Packages

Our prepaid hour’s packages will drop the billing rate and insures you a 48 hour response time on your future security needs. Our hourly packages bring peace of mind to our clients, knowing that the security part of their business is under a 48 hour response time contract. It also allows us to send you the same experienced and reliable security officer to your sites, providing you with a service you know and trust.